Restaurant Review: Tavern in Los Angeles

27 May

As we walked into Tavern, I couldn’t help but hum the lyrics of Drake’s “Fancy” in my mind. “Nails done, hair done, everything did,” I hummed. Except when I looked at my nails, they were definitely not done and the texture of my hair was similar to a poodle’s during a rainstorm. “At least my dress does me a little justice”, I thought.

The folks at Tavern clearly have a knack for the details, which is what sets them apart from other restaurants. I really loved the light brown leather tufted sofas lining each corner of the dining room, complete with plush pillows. The green fabric chairs & sofas really complimented the exposed brick wall in the very back as well as the off-white molded walls, which gave it a very New York feel, even though I’ve actually never been to New York. The mirrors, which took up about half of the wall space, made the room feel very open & airy and the high white ceiling with exposed windows up top gave a beautiful natural lighting which made it feel as if  we were sitting outside. My favorite part though, was the tree growing up from the floor in the middle of the room. Trees always radiate such positive energy and that could definitely be felt.

As we were led to the main dining room, it was so obvious which table was ours. It was my friend’s birthday after all and no birthday of hers is complete without over-the-top decorations! She did an Alice in Wonderland theme, so our table was filled with cute little details which she dropped off for the staff beforehand and they had beautifully set up prior to our arrival. To name a few: A rabbit wearing a clock on top of a blue polka dot box, a mouse in a tea cup, silver teapots with feathers coming from the stems, scones & muffins pierced with cards that read, “Eat Me” and berry mimosas with cards tied to the flute in blue ribbon that read “Drink Me.” They even printed up a custom menu for her party which read, “A Very Merry Unbirthday Tea Party” complete with a list of the delicious eats.

The eats were divine. From fresh berries, to lemon ricotta pancakes with huckleberry topping, to the most amazing eggs benedict I’ve ever had, and according to Yelp reviews, the best in all of Los Angeles, to frittata with asparagus, green garlic & spinach ending the brunch with the most incredible churritos (they were like biting into air) & English breakfast tea I’ve ever had.

It’s been ages since I’ve experienced such culinary delight. Highly, highly recommend!




2 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Tavern in Los Angeles”

  1. Lynn May 27, 2011 at 4:05 pm #

    The first part of this post was hilarious! I will def check back. I am now following ;).


    • Rebecca June 3, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

      I’m glad you liked it! I am following you as well on Bloglovin.

      Have a great weekend, Lynn!

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