7 Things I Learned At The 2011 Crossfit Games

10 Aug


Hard Work Pays Off Ten Fold
Clearly. Those incredible athletes weren’t just rocking one WOD; they were dominating several per day, over the course of three days, outside……. in the heat! There are days when I can barely function after one WOD, which means all of them worked very, very hard to be able to sustain that kind of stamina. But it wasn’t just physical conditioning. There was mental thresholds being surpassed and that obviously takes a lot of practice too. And so naturally, I’m inspired to push and work even harder than before. One more rep!

Chivalry May Be Dead, But Sportsmanship Isn’t
I saw a lot of athletes finish their WOD and immediately begin encouraging their opponents. There was also a lot of high-fives going on during the mens beach run. It made the whole experience very real for me, because that’s something we do in our box every. single. day. They showed that they take the competition seriously, but not so seriously that a big fancy stadium takes away the core values they’ve learned, which is community, and in the Crossfit community encouragement is a major staple.

We’re Not Alone In Our Struggles
The athletes (individuals and teams alike) that competed are the best, of the best of the best. So when I began to see a few of them really struggle to get another front squat or a consistent amount of double-unders to keep up their team’s momentum, it broke my heart in half. We all wanted them to get another rep soooo bad but it reminded me that we’re truly all in this together. No matter how new someone is to Crossfit or how seasoned, we all have and will continue to face personal struggles in our journey. These struggles do not define us but rather push us towards something greater.

David Castro Looks Better With Short Hair
Two days before the games began, I was watching videos at work on the Crossfit Games website of David Castro being interviewed during the swim test. His hair was a little above his shoulders tucked in a backwards baseball hat. Having not known what he looked like until that moment, I thought, “Wow… Not at all what I expected.” Then Saturday while I was sitting in the stadium waiting for the individual men’s competition to begin, there he was on the mic, except his boyish locks were gone! Now there’s the Castro I envisioned! I hope he keeps it short. It’s looks much more professional.

Crossfitters Come In All Shapes & Sizes
Tall, lean, short, bulky and everything in between. What a variety! No two athlete’s body composition was the same. It was great to see because sometimes we can get stuck on wanting to look like our Crossfit heroes, which is motivating, but not very realistic. Instead it teaches us to accept our bodies and work (hard) with what we have. It also shows us that we don’t have to be any one way to compete and be the best. The diversity is what makes it fun.

Junk Food < Clean Food
I was completely taken back at how empty the concession stands were at the Home Depot Center! I knew people ate clean in the Crossfit community, but I had no idea that many people ate clean. It’s obvious this wasn’t a front either, because there was more six packs than I could keep track of. Of course, there were a few spectators who did the walk of shame with their slices of greasy pizza, but hey, I’m not hating. It was just nice to be surrounded by people who chose healthier options, so when I was eating chicken wrapped in romaine with berries, I didn’t feel like such a lame-0.

Annie Sakamoto Is The BombDotCom
Annie Sakamoto is easily my new favorite Crossfitter. I know she’s already a legend, but since I’m relatively new to Crossfit (5 1/2 months in & going strong), I’m not yet familiar with all the names of the Crossfit hastemakers. Not only did she tear up the beach event, but her sled push and L-sit was amazing. I think it’s safe to say she’s a Crossfit mage. The best part though was the contagious energy she brought to games.  To see her constantly smiling, laughing and playing within the competition was extremely inspiring for me. As a perpetual self-beater-upper, I’m taking cue and pushing myself to smile more during a WOD because I really think that changes everything.


{This is a guest post originally posted on the Crossfit 310 blog)


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