Goodbye, Nice To Know You

7 Sep

I was driving home from work when I saw you. You still look exactly the same. You felt familiar to me, yet foreign at the same time. I feel strange when I see you with other people, even though I’ve always known that exclusivity was never in the cards for you. 

The memories I have of you that were once slowly fading, are now quickly erasing. It’s almost as if I don’t know you anymore and that’s kind of uncomfortable because you played such a major role in my youth. You were to me, what diaries were for teenage girls: A refuge from dark(er) things (since you were pretty darn dark yourself).

It’s for the best though.

My family and friends always warned me about you, but I never listened. There were times where I honestly could not picture my life without you in it. But the truth is, we had a very unhealthy relationship. A fact I was completely blind to when I was younger, because I felt invincible.

But I’m older now. Stronger. Wiser. I’ve had some time to think and grow and I think letting you go was the smartest decision I’ve made.



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