Watching Yourself On Video Is Weird

24 Oct

So, as you all know, I participated in “Amazing Grace” this weekend at CrossFit 310 in order to raise money (and awareness) for breast cancer. It was such a great turn out. Sarah Money did such an excellent job organizing the entire event. We had TSAC there, as well as Code 3. It was my first time ever performing “Grace” and I think it’s safe to say I’m in love with her! Above is a video a friend shot of me on Saturday which I edited (added music) for a more dramatic impact. What can I say, I enjoy appealing to pathos. It’s weird though, watching yourself on video, but also a really useful tool. I couldn’t believe how wobbly my knees were and how narrow my stance was, and seriously…what’s with the mouth / facial expression? Oh well, now I know!

P.S. Barbells For Boobs is still raising money this month! If you haven’t already donated, please do so by clicking the link and helping them reach their fundraising goal. I cannot even begin to thank my friends, family & readers enough for the contributions that were made before the event. You’ve probably saved someone’s mother or daughter.


One Response to “Watching Yourself On Video Is Weird”

  1. Mama D October 24, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    You GO girl ! My arms are quivering just WATCHING you !

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