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This Weekend: Moving

26 Aug

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Wake me up when it’s over.



Summer’s Here: Be A Teenage Dream

20 May

Ahhhh summer. A time for late night swimming, fire pits, crop tops, acoustic guitars, beach dwelling, fireworks, ripped jean shorts, large sunnies, BBQ’s and any other fun little things you can think of!

When I think of summers, I tend to think of teenagers. Sneaking out to rendezvous with future lovers, no bills, just fun. Summers as an adult are welcomed (and loved) but with much less reckless abandonment.

Oh what I would give to be one again (a teenager that is). And if only my teenage self knew that my mom wasn’t lying when she said I had it easy then…

Here’s to Friday. To teenagers. And to summer.

Bonjour, Blogging World!

21 Dec

Hi there. Whoever you are! More importantly, wherever you are (if you’re anywhere outside of the US, I’m jealous).

So I had this not-socrazy idea that I could be a succesful blog writer. This is mostly fueled by my desire to travel the world and still have income coming in while doing what I love ….which is (you guessed it!)…writing. But what kind of content can I bring to the table which would grab your attention and even better, your hearts? Well, let’s be frank. I’m not that far in the game yet, BUT, I made this blog which is the first step to fulfilling this silly little dream of mine. So it’s back to the drawing board for now.

Please sit tight and in the meantime, enjoy your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or devil worshiping.

Amory out.