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Have A Muddy Weekend!

6 Jul

{Photo courtesy of Mudder Nation}

What are you up to this weekend? Any interesting plans for the summer? A group of us from CrossFit 310 will be running Tough Mudder up on Big Bear mountain tomorrow morning. I’m nervous yet excited at the same time. I’ve never done this kind of mileage on foot before (running or walking), so it’ll be pretty interesting to see how it all unfolds. I’m a little intimidated by the ice pool and the electric shock, but I know we’ll come out on top. Anyway, have a great weekend! Here are some posts from around the web . . .

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Eating Zone – Week One Recap

24 May

Hey guys! Rebecca The Red checking in with you and sharing progress. My first week of eating Zone went pretty well, all things considered. I stopped weighing myself a long time ago, so I don’t know what kind of progress I’ve made in terms of pounds, but there’s a noticeable difference. Besides, I’m not really doing this for weight loss. Regardless of intent, my work slacks are loose again, which means change is happening! The meals I ate for the week were as follows (3 block):

1 cup almond milk 
1 large scoop protein powder 
7-9 cashews 
1 cup strawberries
1/2 cup blueberries

1st Snack:
1 tomato (sliced), 
1/2 Tbs guacamole, 
1 (oz) string cheese

1 3 oz can tuna, 
3 tsp light mayo, 
1 slice of wheat bread, 
1/2  green apple

2nd Snack:
1 cup fresh strawberries, 
1/4 cup cottage cheese, 
1 macadamia nut

3 oz chicken breast (sautéed in tsp olive oil, garlic & crushed red peppers), 
2 1/2 cups kale  
1 peach

On Monday, I substituted a 4 oz glass of red wine for the peach (rough day). Tuesday & Wednesday I have night class, so I got two chicken tacos (fresco style) from Taco Bell. Friday I was running late and didn’t have time to make a breakfast shake, so I got a bacon/gouda sandwich from Starbucks and removed one slice of the artisan bread. Then Friday night, I went to the CrossFit 310 anniversary party, where I had one piece of chicken (about the size of my palm), a hand-size portion of greens with cheese, strawberries, nuts, and a small amount of balsamic dressing. The weekend rolled around, and as usual, I had a lot of trouble keeping up with my weekly routine, which means I didn’t get all my meals in on time. Then I went to a Roger Waters concert where I consumed many beers & a pretzel (because I was starving from lack of food). And in my boozy state, I also had some chips after the concert (because we all know about post-boozin’ munchies)….and yeah. Sunday was even worse, but we won’t go into that. I’m really trying to make it work though, which has proven somewhat difficult because I’m at the end of the semester (two weeks left).





Published in WOD Talk Magazine!

18 May

Hey guys! Happy Friday! First: I’m so excited to announce that WOD Talk, the CrossFit Lifestyle Magazine, achieved their Kickstarter last month, which enabled them to go to print!

“WOD Talk is a lifestyle magazine for people who train using CrossFit, which is a core strength and conditioning program. WOD stands for Workout of the Day!!! Each issue provides educational information from experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition and sports psychology as well as motivational success stories.”

This is huge for the CrossFit community, because as it grows (and it’s growing mighty fast), so will desire for content. I know we’ve almost completely submerged into a digital society, but it’s still nice to have print. That being said, I had the opportunity to contribute to the magazine for their May issue. Not only did I contribute an article, but a photo I shot at CrossFit 310 as well. I love being able to capture the essence of what makes CrossFit so. f’ing. awesome. SO, if you haven’t already, subscribe! They have a digital subscription for $10 per year or you can get print & digital for $35 per year.

What are your plans this weekend? Tonight I’ll be donating blood to the Red Cross for CrossFit 310’s blood drive & 2 year anniversary party. I’m so honored to celebrate 310 and everything we’ve accomplished in the past year. Also, I’m going to see Roger Waters at the L.A. Colosseum Saturday night, followed by a research paper & a marketing power point. I don’t know how I manage, but I seem to pack a lot into one weekend. I hope you have a great weekend and here are some posts from around the web . . . .

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CrossFit 310 Volleyball Saturdays

5 May


So, for the summer, my box (CrossFit 310) meets every Saturday for volleyball at the beach. Today’s get together was a huge success with a great turn out, and a lot of semi-competitive, but mostly really fun volleyball matches. It’s great to bond with your gym mates in and out of the box.

– Rebecca The Red

The CrossFit Games Open In Photos

3 Apr

Look Ma, No Bands!

7 Mar



It’s been a year in the making, but I’ve finally graduated to kipping pullups, which means I’m officially band-free. The very thought of never having to scale with a band again is such a freeing feeling, and indicative of the athlete that’s finally crawling out from under my inner fat kid, who’s been sitting on untapped potential for some time now.

What’s on your suck list, and what are you going to do about it?

Rebecca The Red

CrossFit Games Open 12.2 Recap

5 Mar

Let me first start off by saying that 12.2 was an amazing WOD. It was definitely intended to separate the elite CrossFitter from the novice… So why was it so amazing then? Well, despite its purpose of sifting through athletes to bring the best to the top, it gave the novice CrossFitter a chance to truly triumph. I witnessed so many PR’s in this WOD (just in our box alone), and it was incredible to be a part of. I watched people dig deeper than I think I’ve ever seen them go, and that was inspiring.

As for me? I really didn’t believe that I could get more than thirty reps. My one rep max for snatches was 45 lbs in early February, so how exactly was I supposed to snatch 45 lbs thirty times, and then move onto 75 lbs snatches (thirty times)? Well, it happened. The first rep at 75 was notably difficult, but it seemed to get easier with each rep as I adjusted more and more to the technique. Then it became a race for the clock. I managed to get in ten reps at 75 lbs, which is probably the biggest PR I’ve experienced thus far in my CrossFit journey. I’m very satisfied with my score and cannot wait to see what 12.3 brings. I’m ready for more!

Thank you CrossFit HQ for coming up with these WODs. I know there’s been some negative feedback associated with them, but please know that there are some of us who see the value and purpose in them, and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it.

– Rebecca The Red