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The Glass Is Always Full

2 Jul

Perception is key. 


CrossFit In A Nutshell

5 Jun

Have A Great Weekend

30 Mar

{Photo courtesy of CrossFit}

I’m sorry I haven’t really been writing. I’ve been dealing with a hand injury from 12.3 (which I’ll write about next week), as well as work, school and personal obligations. I promise to get back to it soon! In the meantime, I’m taking it easy for now, and doing cardio / endurance. This weekend I’m going wine tasting with a friend in Malibu, and then to a rooftop BBQ at another friend’s house in Santa Monica, finished by a birthday party for another friend in Hermosa Beach. All of that in one day! Phew! Then Sunday it’s back to business as usual. Here are some posts from around the web . . . . . .

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WOD Talk Magazine is trying to go to print. If you want to help, go give some of your $$ to their KickStarter!

An amazing article on how your mind holds you back during a WOD.

Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser went on the CrossFit Update Show and tweets photos!

This article written about one woman’s experience during the Open was almost identical to my experience!

Not sure where to find grass-fed beef / lamb / chicken? Tropical Traditions can help.

Quit Slackin’ & Make It Happen

23 Mar

{Photo from unknown source}


17 Feb

Stop Waiting For Things To Happen

19 Jan

This is your life. You decide what direction it goes, and what paths you’ll
take to get there. That’s the most exciting part. But your life won’t change
 until you realize you’re in control of it. What are you waiting for………….?

Let’s Run Away

5 Jan

{image from lelove}

I finally understand and appreciate responsibility, obligation, honouring comittments and most of all, taking accountability for ones own life. I think there’s a lot to be learned about yourself (and the world) through taking that path. But the nomad in me is still very much alive and not at all patient. She wants adventure. She wants exploration. She wants to breathe new life. She wants a different view….. Sometimes, she just wants to run away from it all.