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Have A Muddy Weekend!

6 Jul

{Photo courtesy of Mudder Nation}

What are you up to this weekend? Any interesting plans for the summer? A group of us from CrossFit 310 will be running Tough Mudder up on Big Bear mountain tomorrow morning. I’m nervous yet excited at the same time. I’ve never done this kind of mileage on foot before (running or walking), so it’ll be pretty interesting to see how it all unfolds. I’m a little intimidated by the ice pool and the electric shock, but I know we’ll come out on top. Anyway, have a great weekend! Here are some posts from around the web . . .

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Forever Changed

3 Jan

I was introduced to the concept of CrossFit in September 2010 by a friend, but didn’t try it until February 2011 when I came into some money from a wellness challenge I won at work. It seems like it all happened so fast. One minute I had the money, the next minute a friend was posting on Facebook about a local CrossFit box she goes to (CrossFit 310!), and then suddenly I’m doing box jumps  for the first time ever in a class full of people I don’t know, with a coach I had just met 10 minutes prior.

That was the day I knew my year, and more importantly my life, was going to change for the best. And it has.

I’ve become not only physically stronger, but mentally and emotionally stronger. I’ve become a problem-solver, a strategic planner, and somewhat fearless in areas of my life that at one time were crippling for me. I’ve gained confidence, motivation and an overall purpose and direction in my life. Where I once saw lack, I now see opportunity and chance. I’ve also inherited a second (more functional) family in which I value, respect and care for in a way I didn’t know was possible.

If someone asked me what’s influenced me the most to be the person I am today, I would say CrossFit without hesitation.

{Originally published in the CrossFit 310 newsletter}

It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done

2 Nov


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